It is an advanced font manager designed for web-designers and graphic artists
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Fonts have a immense impact on your creativity, and most people working with graphics, websites or scrapbooks have probably already downloaded or bought lots of them. Having a lot of fonts installed requires a lot of memory resources and can potentially make your computer slower. X-Fonter is a powerful tool that will let you to visualize all your installed fonts and you will be able to activate or deactivate your fonts only when you need them. X-Fonter also gives you the option to test each one of your fonts on different styles, sizes and colors, and even you will be able to watch them in 3D.

One interesting feature is the Image & Effect Studio. With this option you can create an image which contains a text displayed that you can write in the sample field. It is very easy to apply some standard effects on the text (like shadows, blur and gradient fading) and the final result will help you to decide whether a certain font will fit in the context you need it for. X-Fonter also will let you to save these experiments as images and in different formats so that in many cases you won't need an additional graphics program to create your images.

Definitely X-Fonter is a complete program to help you with all your fonts operations

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Very easy to use interface.
  • Create Font images with visual effects.


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